Our team of subject-experts can support your project / Maintenance & operation Team to optimize the operation of Air Pollution control equipments / Emission Monitors and alongside train your concerned personnel on troubleshooting and good maintenance practices at the same time. You will realize that all these Services will certainly not be available through any local Contractor who operates through his team of unskilled labour.

As established OEMs of air pollution control equipment ,its spares and accessories, IFI is now focused on offering Technical Industrial Service and support- especially for APC equipment in the Industry. The Bagfilters, Baghouses or ESPs in the plant keep requiring attention from time to time. It is observed most of the time that the maintenance at the grass root level is actually handled by unskilled labour that does not perceive the significance of small yet significant precautions. This can cost the

Plant in terms of forced outages or deteriorating performance of the equipment. Maintaining the APC equipment in satisfactory and optimum working condition is a tedious and at times a cumbersome job owing to the dusty environment that requires experience, patience and perseverance. We shall take up the complete responsibility of routinely monitoring these Bag filters/ Bag houses/ESPs or even an Annual Maintenance Contract to ensure the assured performance out of these systems, with/without the spares. This way your Team at site can concentrate on your core business and leave the non-core business for our team to manage. It will also help avoid unforeseen outages and losses, ensure long term efficiency and keep the work zones clean.

With trained and experienced taskforce and specialists, and a proven track record of working in industrial environments and relevant experience, our Team we will contribute and will add value to the service delivered.

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