Audits help to maximize the performance of pollution control equipment. Performance Shortfall in your equipments takes place on account of

  • Aging Equipment
  • Augmentation in the production level
  • Pollution control norms becoming stringent.

A comprehensive audit of an ESP or Bag Filter can reveal the reasons for performance shortfall, ways to overcome the problem areas and a path for achieving the best performance in the most effective manner. Audit helps in assessing present condition of the equipment & present process parameters as against the design conditions.

You can count on our experience for improving the efficiency of your APC equipment
Our Audits will help you maximize the performance and eliminate the shortfalls in your equipment.

IFI can help you address issues related to Performance Shortfall or meeting stringent pollution control norms.
We can help in simple ways to address these issues:

  • Help you identify causes for shortfall in the APC equipment.
  • Identify margins in the design.
  • Help Identify and Suggest areas of improvement.
  • Recommend / Identify suitable technologies to overcome shortfalls.

What you get from us

  • Audits of ESP’s & Bag Filters, and detailed audit report submission.
  • Detailed analysis for the reason for shortfall in performance of the Bag Filter.
  • Engineering review and analysis.
  • Interaction of your team with our experienced engineers.
  • Helping you understand the fundamentals of your Air Pollution control equipment.
  • Short-term and long-term solutions to each problem along with cost and time estimates.
  • Recommendations / suggestions for improving the performance.
  • Recommendations of upgrades to the latest technologies and trends in the industry.
  • A road map to achieve the desired result with minimum downtime & investment.
  • Increase in reliability of your APC equipment.
  • Improvement of your Air Pollution compliance goals.
  • Reduction in the environmental impact.
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