Converts Pollution to Production

  1. Cleans the Bag from bottom, sides and top
  2. Installed at the Bag discharge end of Rotary Packer.
  3. Recovers the spillage and dust on the bag
  4. Keeps the packing area clean
  5. Improves the working environment
  6. Uses the draught of the packer
  7. No extra air used
  8. Single drive in the form of geared motor

The main module has pedestals at inlet and outlet which can be adjusted to match with the upstream and downstream of the equipment. This ensures smooth movement of the bags during transfers.

The bed of the BCD is made of powered rollers. The hollow rollers are fitted with brush that rotates in the opposite direction to make the brushing effective. The top brushes are also powered and fitted with bristles that can clean the bags from top and sides. The level of the top brush can be adjusted to compensate the reduced length of the brush when it wears off.

Safety covers are fitted on both sides. These covers are loaded with gas springs for ease of opening and closing.

The drive is in the form of cascaded chains and sprockets – powered by a geared motor. The drive can be located on either side of the BCD. The rpm of the geared motor can be chosen to suit the packer throughput.

Top bonnet can be opened and closed with ease with the help of gas springs.

Emergency stop push buttons are provided in all the four corners of the BCD

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