For Higher Reliability and Lower Emissions there are few technologies that can match the performance of a Pulse Jet Bag Filter.

IFI’s Pulse Jet Bag Filter design is highly versatile & provides excellent separation efficiency.

The cleaning of the bags is done by compressed air pulses on the basis of continuous Differential Pressure monitoring using state of the art Sequential Controller.


  • Bag Filters are standardizedbased on End Userrequirement.
  • Longer life of the filter bags is ensured by the appropriate selection of the matrix, and sequential timers for differential pressure basedcleaning system.
  • The design and engineering is done in 3-D using the latest software & computer aideddesigns, eliminating manual errors resulting in
  • precise fitment and simplified installationsteps.
  • For precise bag fitment onto tube sheet, useof 5 mm thick laser-cut tube sheet.
  • Bag Cages are Designed to be robust toincrease bag life.
  • Minimizing CAN Velocity to ensure no re-entrainmentof dust.

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One of the most efficient and commonly used bag filter is the Online cleaned Pulse Jet Bag Filter. Consists of the Capsule at the Top with Bag Mounting arrangement housed in the Casing. Below which the hopper is placed connected to a dust evacuation system like the Rotary airlock Valve. The entire system can be supported on columns or stools depending upon location in the plant. Dust laden gas enters the Hopper and travels through the filter bags. The Filtration elements collect the dust and drop it into the hopper below. Clean gas is released through the opening in the capsule. In order to dislodge the dust, an automated sequential cleaning system is employed which purges compressed air at high pressure after regular intervals. Bag Filters can be designed & custom engineered depending upon the end users need.


Transfer of material over belt conveyors often involves Transfer Points where dust is dropped from One Point to the Other.

Venting on top of Bins / Hoppers / Silo’s calls for a design which is customized for that particular application.

Specifically for such applications a Flush Mounted BagFilter is designed which is devoid of a Hopper, Support Structure and Dust Evacuation System.

Casing is directly mounted on top of the venting point, dust collected through the opening is dropped into the system below i.e. Directly into the Silo / Hopper / Bin or onto the conveying belt below.


IFI offers high filtration efficiency Cartridge type bag filters for critical application which require high filtration area at the same time very less area is available for fitment of the bag filter.

These compact bag filters use compact filter cartridges with inbuilt cages.

They are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes.

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An Offline Cleaning Pulse Jet Bag Filterconsists of a number of Chambers. Each Chamber acts as an Online PulseJet Bag Filter. The uniqueness of the design is in thefact that the supply of inlet gas to the Chamber is stopped during cleaning temporarily. Dust falls into the hopper after the bagsare purged with compressed air, since there are no incoming gases into theChamber the dust collection is faster. Dust is evacuated using a Rotary AirlockValve. Remaining chamber’s continue toremain in operation and continue the filtration process.One after the other each chamber is made offline for Bag Filter cleaning & the process continues in cycles. Each Chamber is made online or offline by operating pneumatically operated Poppet Dampers at the inlet & outlet of the Chamber.


Dust Load plays an important load in the performance of a Bag Filter. Higher dust loads means higher loading of dust on the bags.

If the entry of dust is not handle properly, it may lead to higher deposition of dust on the bags thus rising differential pressure & in turn leading to blinding of bags.

Thus IFI provides customized solutions for GAS DISTRIBUTION in a Bag Filter.

1. Single Hopper Entry

  • Bag Filters up to 20,000 m3/hr with high efficiency filtration systems are commonly used in the Industry.
  • Single Hopper entry is the most common type of Dust Entry method.

2. Twin Hopper Entry

  • Simultaneous hopper entry can be done into Two Hoppers by giving a Y – Joint at the inlet.
  • Inlet velocities are controlled at 10 m/s for better performance of the Bag Filter.

3. Casing Entry

  • Bag Filters with High Dust load are not Given hopper entry.
  • Casing Entry is provided with a specially designed inlet plenum

4. Casing Center Entry with Trough Hopper

  • Considering Higher Dust load & Economics – Trough hopper is considered while designing material discharge.
  • Screw Conveyor is connected to the hopper & material is extracted through an RAV for single point discharge.
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