Rotary Air Lock valves are one of the most commonly used Dust Extraction Systems in the Process Industry.
A rotary valve or airlock is used to feed solids between areas of differing pressure while still maintaining the pressure differential and product flow.
The word ‘rotary’ refers to the fact that during operation of a rotary airlock, the vanes turn or rotate. As they turn, the pockets, which are formed between the vanes, become rotating pockets. The bulk material being handled enters the pockets at the top, through the Inlet port, travels around in a rotating motion, and exits at the bottom, or through the Outlet port. As the vanes and pockets continue to turn, material continues to be moved from top to bottom, or from Inlet port to Outlet port, in a rotating motion.

IFI’s Rotary Air lock valve is uniquely suited for various applications where a quality air seal is necessary for abrasive dust collection applications.

Salient Features

  1. High filling ratio due to optimally designed inlet
  2. Minimum clearance, therefore minimum loss of air.
  3. Sturdy construction.
  4. Exchangeable, adjustable rotor blades tips.
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