IFI understands the need for accurate & continuous sampling of Raw Materials and finish products in various industries.
To meet these requirements IFI has designed and manufactured in house Screw Samplers to meet the quality requirements of the industry.

The screw sampler is designed for sample extraction of dry and non-sticky powdered material from a duct or chute through which free flow of material is taking place.
The sampler is driven by a geared motor coupled to a transport screw, crossing the flow of material. As an option, the screw sampler can be equipped with variable speed geared motor.
The screw transports the extracted material to a discharge outlet chute where the material falls by gravity to the subsequent sample preparation equipment.
The screw sampler type size and design is based on chute dimension in mm as well as chute form. It can be mounted in chutes (rectangular or circular)
The control of the sampler is normally conducted from your central PLC system or local control is also possible. It can be equipped with a motion detector as an option.
Manual type Screw Samplers are also available upon request.

CEM (Em 919) DAS

Emission Monitor model EM919 is an indigenous product for measuring dust concentration. This device operates on the principle of optical transmissometry, using single pass of a divergent light beam. It can be installed directly on the outlet stack. The dust concentration is measured depending upon the amount of light blocked by suspended articles in exhaust gas.

Remote Monitoring of Analysers

IFI has PlantConnect Monitoring Software for all their requirements like collecting real time data of all industries and display at the server, public portal so general public & concerned authorities can view the data, reports, alarms etc.

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