Diverter Gates manufactured by IFI offer a perfect solution to the diversion of Solid Materials from a single point to two different delivery pointsregulate the amount of flow to various circuits, and to isolate circuit for maintenance. They are ideal for diverting gravity flow of materials. They can be as basic as a single to double diverter with a manual lever to Change blade position from one side to the other, or they can be fully automated devices capable of controlling flow from one or more sources to various points.

The diverter gate can be actuated while material is being conveyed. This allows faster, more efficient changeovers without the need to shut down the system before activating the diverter. Cylinder mounted limit switches can be fitted as optional extras. Flaps for diversion are provided with Spring Steel Tips which offer very high sealing efficiency & durability.


  1. To direct material from a single source, such as a belt conveyors or any other material handling equipment’s to two or more processes / circuits.
  2. Diverter gates are used to isolate individual processes for maintenance purposes.
  3. It allows operation multiple parallel processes.
  4. Diverter gates are used to control the feeding rate to each circuit.

Material Of Construction

  1. Carbon Steel with abrasion resistant liners like Hardox/Stainless steel can be offered.
  2. Full Stainless Steel is used in all areas in contact with acidic material to prevent corrosion.
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