The Bag Filter Controller also known as a Sequential timer is a Sophisticated Electrical unit which is primarily responsible for controlling the Purging Cycles of a Bag Filter.

The Integrated Bag Filter Controller

IFI’s integrated programmable bag filter controller helps you get the best performance out of your Bag Filter.

It integrates all important signals associated with a bag filter & produces the most efficient cleaning program. The Inputs & Outputs of the IPBC can be configured as per user requirement.


  • Single controller with comprehensive monitoring capabilities.
  • Sequential Operation of Solenoid Valves for Cleaning, Monitors Pressure build up in Air Header, Rotary Air Lock Valve Motion, Differential Pressure Build up across Bag Filter, Functioning of Hopper Level Indicator.
  • The collective intelligence gathered by monitoring these instruments helps send “Early Warnings” to ensure proper working of the bag filter.
  • Interface with Leaking Bag Detector.
  • Wireless / RS 485 communication & connectivity with dedicated DCS.
  • Available in various models to suit different output requirements like Triac based (Solid State) And Relay based.

Application in the Process Industry:

Functioning of a Bag Filter – apart from it design criteria – grossly depends on its operation and monitoring the functional areas.

Many instruments connected to the bag filter are often not put to work in tandem. The collective intelligence of these instruments is often underutilized due to absence of adequate ports of the DCS and lack of specialized knowledge about the bag filters with the programmers of such systems.

The limitations of a DCS in providing purging time in steps of milliseconds leads to improper cleaning of bags and waste of precious compressed air.

In such applications, IBFC can be effectively used.


On Time: 20 ms to 100 ms

Off Time: 0.1 s to 100 s

Input Voltage: 110V/230V, 50/60 Hz, or 24 V DC

Output: Solid Stat or Relay based 5 amp AC or DC

Main Card 10 Outputs 2 Configurable for PLC interface.

Add on Cards: 8 channel expansion cards.

Master & Slave configuration for Offline cleaning.

I/O channels can be configured or disabled.

Inputs for Zero Speed Switch, Hopper Level Switch, Pressure Switch and Differential Pressure Switch.

Communication: RS 485, Wireless and RS 232

IBFC receives feedback from the following Peripheral devices:

1. Differential Pressure Feedback:

2. Compressed air Pressure Feedback.

3. Hopper Level Feedback.

4. RAV Feedback.

Flexibility Redefined:

  1. Enhanced Bag Life by resuming purging cycle last operated channel before pause.
  2. Offline Cleaning is possibly by master slave configuration of IBFC.
  3. Remote communication with PLC/DCS.
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