Fabric Filter Leak Detection System :

Ionisation Filtration Industries Pvt. Ltd. has always believed in offering new Technologies to our esteemed customers at affordable prices & at the same time maintaining world-class quality.
Finding leakages in a fabric filter is a laborious process which takes time & is often not carried out satisfactorily.
With the Fabric Filter Leak Detection System – maintenance of Fabric Filters has taken a quantum leap. Its ease of use & reduction in downtime of Fabric Filters makes it the preferred choice of all Maintenance Engineers.
The powder when thrown into the Bag House will follow the Path of the Gas. Where there is a leakage the gas will tend to exit through it. The fluorescent powder when it passes along with the gas through the leakage will glow in UV light supplied along with the Powder – identifying the leakage with ease.

Benefits :

  • Locates leakages due to Bag damage, Holes, Bag Tears, Punctures, Poor Stitching & Bad Sealing.
  • Also locates leakages in Tube sheet & Bag Filter Housing.
  • Leakage identified quickly hence reducing downtime.
  • User-friendly, easy to use system.
  • Particle size in microns identifies all leaks.

Clean Environment :

Clean environment is the ultimate objective – preventive maintenance using the Fluorescent Powder for Leak Detection helps plug the leakages before the become full blow problems thus reducing emissions helping us maintain a dust free environment.

Common Causes for Leakage in a Fabric Filter:

  • Pin Holes Developed in the bag due to hot dust carried along with the gases.
  • Cracks developed in the bag due to hardening of the fabric on account of moisture in the bags.
  • Burr on the Cages – which cause tearing of the fabric under compressed air purging.
  • Compressed air purging eroding top portion of the bag due to damaged or no ventury fitted.
  • Abrasion at bottom of bag due to direct gas flow hitting the bags on account of improper Gas distribution in the bag filters.
  • Leakages around Tube Sheet due to improper Bag Fitment or Welding Gaps.

If the problems are not attempted promptly & in time it may lead to a series of cascading events detailed below:

  • The dust starts accumulating on Tube Sheet (Clean Air Side). When surrounding bags are purged; this dust goes into the bags as secondary air flow.
  • Bags start getting coated with dust from inside, since the inner surface of the bag is not treated the bags start getting damaged.
  • Slowly but surely leakage from 1 bag starts affecting surrounding bags too.

Representative Image of Fluorescent Powder being sprayed into hopper access door

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