Multi louver Dampers manufactured by IFI offer a perfect solution to regulate and control gases in various process industries.

They are a type of venetian blind made up of various parallel blades which can be opened and closed in parallel or in opposite directions.

The blades normally have an aerodynamic profile which minimizes head losses.

These are designed in circular or rectangular form according to the installed situation. A defined number of damper blades determined by the duct cross section and damper function are arranged in a robust flanged frame.

The actuation of the damper can be manual, motorized or pneumatic as the case may be. Actuators can be the on/off type or regulation type to which Proximity Sensor can be added, we can give signal to control room based on the level of automation required.


  1. To control the flow of Gases.
  2. To isolate individual processes for maintenance purposes.
  3. Installed at Centrifugal fans inlet to Control / Throttle the flow inlet into the fan.
  4. Especially used in large duct installation where Gas volumes are high & high turbulence in involved.

Material of Construction

The selection of materials will be defined in accordance with the operating conditions to which the dampers will be exposed in order to ensure optimum equipment performance.

  1. Carbon Steel with abrasion resistant liners like Hardox /Stainless steel can be offered.
  2. Full Stainless Steel is used in all areas in contact with acidic material to prevent corrosion.
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