Purpose of Upgrades:

  • Maximize the performance and eliminate the shortfalls Performance Shortfall in your equipments takes place on account of Aging Equipment.
  • Augmentation in the production level.
  • Pollution control norms becoming stringent.

Upgrade your Emitting Electrodes to the latest Pipe & Spike Electrodes

  • Upgrade to the latest Pipe & Spike Type electrodes that never snap.
  • Tips of nails never get coated as they are away from the Pipe.
  • Free to expand as well as vibrate at one end. Increasing rapping efficiency.
  • Design can be accommodated in any frame/make.
  • The sharp nails possess higher corona generating ability as compared to any other emitting electrode geometry.
  • The desired corona level can be achieved by welding desired amount of nails on the pipe.
  • The desired corona field can be produced by welding nails of desired lengths.
  • The desired field strength can be achieved by welding the nails at a par-ticular angle
  • Corona generates at lower voltage which increases the level of useful power being fed to the ESP.

Upgrade to Durable Spiral Electrodes for your ESP.

Ionisation Filtration Industries Pvt. Ltd. has taken a step forward and improved its product offering by starting manufacturing of Spiral Electrodes used in Electro Static Precipitators.
We have always been pioneers in offering new Technologies to our esteemed customers at affordable prices & at the same time maintaining world-class quality. Having number of years of experience in the operation of an ESP, we are well equipped to offer these electrodes suited for specific applications & helping you get the most out of your ESP.
A dedicated manufacturing line with specially designed automats ensures highest level of quality and reliability. The high rate of production helps us cater to tight delivery schedules.


  • Smooth Surface Finish without Scaling.
  • Proper attachment of Hooks ensuring strong grip without causing any weakness of the attaching edge point.
  • Genuine Raw Material chosen to suit specific applications.
  • Minimum 20 kg tension at final length.
  • Uniform and Accurate alignment.
  • Extra strong high voltage connectivity
  • Free Expansion Allowance.

Technical Specifications:

  • MoC : SS 316 L
  • Wire Diameter : 2.7 mm
  • No. of Turns available: 19, 24, 26, 36, 52.

Collecting Electrode Upgrade Package

The specific collection area of an ESP decides its collection efficiency. Bent, warped, corroded plates hamper the performance. Getting correct profile of the colleting plates is often difficult task. This problem is put to rest by IFI by devising a concept of adaptive weld-mets, which ensures the new collecting plate fits exactly like the original design. The conversion from side to top rapping can fetch up to 33% increase in collection area.

Other Upgrades

Install Turning Vanes for your ESP:

IFI offers Design & Installation of Turning vanes also known as Gas Distribution vanes into the Inlet Duct of the ESP. This helps in

  • Directing the Gas correctly into the ESP.
  • Reducing Frictional Losses
  • Increasing the Efficiency of your ESP.

Upgrade from Side to Top Rapping

This is yet another innovative way to increase collection area as well as improve the rapper impact. The space between two consecutive fields can be utilised for installing additional collecting plates Side to Top Rapping Conversion can fetch 33% Increase in collection area.

Upgrade your Gas Distribution Screen:

Turbulent Gas flow & Higher Inlet velocity of the Dust Laden Gas can hamper the performance of the ESP. Upgrade your ESP with IFI’s uniquely de-signed Gas Distribution Screens to help you get the best out of your ESP.

Mechanical Interlocking Safety


  • Engineered by to perform in hostile electro-static precipitator environments,
  • Superior mechanical strength at all precipitator operating temperatures – about four times stronger than electrical porcelain.
  • Excellent electrical resistance properties at all temperatures.
  • Outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance from acids and chemically reactive particulates – harder than all metals and most man-made materials
  • Various types of Insulators are available for ESP applications:
    • Discharge electrode support,
    • Discharge electrode rapping,
    • Feed-through insulation of supply power for discharge electrodes
  • IFI also supplies Unglazed 85% alumina insulators which provide better service than glazed insulators because:
    • They are more resistant to attack by aggressive particulates and gases.
    • Unglazed surfaces will not soften at elevated temperatures – soft glaze will become sticky and dirty from tightly adhered particulates.
    • It is superior to glazed for electrical resistance, especially at elevated temperatures.


System ensures grounding of HV Sec-tion prior to any access by humans
These mechanical interlocking systems can be used to eliminate human error in hazardous industrial operations and processes. Because they are mechanical in their operation, they are more reliable than electrically operated equivalents. The mechanical interlocking is accomplished by the simple passage of a key between the interlocked equipment.
The box is used as an exchange between a controlswitchand a numberofcubicledoorkeys, it ensures that all doors must be locked closed an their respective keys trapped in the exchange before the control key can be freed.

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