Double flap valve is continuous material discharge equipment. Double Flap Valve has a two door flap plate which open and close alternatively.

As the material falls on the top plate, during continuous operation the plate opens and discharges the material on the bottom plate. After discharging the material the top plate closes. This ensures that the DFV is sealed to prevent air leakage.

The bottom plate then opens after the top plate is closed and allows material to fall onto onward collecting equipment.

The cycle time is precisely adjusted such that after the bottom plate closes the top plate opens. Thus ensuring continuous air sealing across the DFV. The time for which both flap are in closed condition, is known as dwell time.

Salient features of IFI design DFV:

  1. Automatic Switch over from motorized to gravity in case of increase in dust load: When more material accumulates in the hopper, the material falls on the top plate. The DFV will not wait for the cycle time, it will automatically shift to gravity operation and dislodge the material to the bottom plate. Material will then dislodge from the bottom plate as per cycle time and operation of DFV will not hamper even in case of increased dust load.
  2. Protected against reversal of direction of rotation: Motor is connected with DFV with 3 phase supply (R Y B). If motor wiring is not done correctly the DFV rotates in opposite direction. Our design has mechanism for the flap movement that is independent of direction of rotation of the motor.
  3. Motorized actuated with frequency control option: By providing VFD for the motor, we can increase or decrease the rpm of motor as per required dust load.
  4. Adjustable dwell time & opening per cycle: By adjusting the position of stopper, dwell time and flap opening can be adjusted simultaneously. By adjusting the turn buckle, the flap opening can be adjusted, keeping the dwell time constant.
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