IFI offers independent consultancies

Good duct engineering & design is a key to efficient functioning of a plant.

Faulty Duct Engineering can cause severe problems. Most of the process industries suffer blockages created by poor ducting practices. Often the Bag Filter/ ESP stack is clean but there are fugitive emissions in the plant which are over-looked. Accurate duct engineering can avoid these problems.

New applications are now becoming common like Wagon Tippler & Truck Tippler for which Dust Extraction Systems play an important role.

IFI can design & develop an efficient Ventilation System to help you control fugitive emissions & get the most from your APC equipment. Contact us today to know how efficiently Duct Engineering can be done in 2D & 3D for your plant!

IFI offers independent consultancies for carrying out Duct Engineering at new plants or modifications to be done in existing plants. Majority of the problems related to under performing equipments are attributed to problems related to ducting. Talk to the experts to see how we can resolve your problems.

  • Grid lines are created on the 00 elevation for RCC / Metallic Structures.
  • Based on the three views and associated sectional views, an accurate 3D model of the building is created.
  • This being a parametric model any further changes /as build can be incorporated without any delay or compromising accuracy.
  • All cut outs in the slabs are created using grid lines as the reference.

Equipment blocks and void areas

  • The blocks of the equipment to be ventilated are marked in the building drawing
  • Any voids – if specified – are added to the equipment blocks. Such as head rooms, maintenance approach areas, crane movement, staircase, cable treys, piping etc.

Hoods and their locations

  • Hood sizes are calculated in line with design criteria.
  • Guidelines mentioned in the industrial ventilation are used as check list.
  • The hoods are then located at the desired location.

Bag filter location

  • Correctly sized bag filter with accurate locations of the inlet and outlet flanges is located at the desired location

Single line for the duct

  • A 3D sketch is made for the duct centre line.
  • Correct duct diameters and duct entries, duct enlargements can be created either from calculated values or from the available sizes.

Duct drawing

  • Duct parts can be sketched around the single line.
  • Clearances from the void areas, duct inclination w.r.t. horizontal can be readily maintained.
  • Additional cut outs to the slab can be accurately marked.

Ventilation system

  • A ventilation system is thus created.
  • It can change its shape based on any changes made to the RCC building, bag filter support structure, location of pick up points or the specifications of ducts.


  • CFD analysis is done to check pressure drops.
  • Further refinements can be done for balancing the circuit – to achieve uniform suction at all the inlets.
  • Pressure drop optimization can be done to reduce the static pressure requirements of the fan.

Ventilation system

  • Duct entries can be checked for the turbulence
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